Ch 3: Test Yourself

Identify the levels of measurement for the following:

3d human with a red question mark

  1. Political survey asks respondents their political views (conservative, moderate, liberal)
  2. Students in an elementary school are asked to list their heights (in inches) and the color of their eyes.
  3. Respondents are asked to check a list of foods they prefer to eat.

click here for a short quiz on levels of measurement

Identify the type of reliability and validity: 

  1. Two different versions of the same achievement test are used and found to be essentially equivalent.
  2. Three interviewers ask a job applicant the same set of questions, then compare notes to see how consistent they are in their assessment of the candidate.
  3. To check your eyesight, you go for an eye exam and return one week later to take the same eye test again. 
  4. High school grades are correlated several years later to college grades to see how accurate they are in evaluating potential applicants to the university.
  5. To what extent does a measure given by the employment office accurately assess the personality traits required to be a good manager in that firm.


Levels of measurement

  1. Ordinal
  2. Ratio & Nominal
  3. Nominal

Reliability & Validity

  1. Parallel forms reliability
  2. Interrater reliability
  3. Test-Retest reliability
  4. Predictive (criterion) validity
  5. Construct validity

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