Ch 3: Resources & Examples

Levels of Measurement

levelsof measurement

A video with slides explaining measurements

Review of the levels of measurement

 Health care field: discrete & continuous measures

Treating ordinal scales as interval (advanced article)



 null hypothesis

Overview of various types of hypotheses

Writing hypotheses

Examples of hypotheses

The Null Hypothesis: Examples

The Null Hypothesis: Journal of Unlikely Science

Should you “accept the null” or “fail to reject the null”?

Do you ever really “prove” the null?

Interpreting Null Hypothesis results (accept or fail to reject?)

Validity & Reliability


Explorable: validity & reliability defined

Types of Reliability

Types of Validity

Video explaining reliability & validity (nursing examples)

Examples of Reliability and Validity

Assessing validity & reliability in a physical therapy clinical instrument

Content Validity & Test-Retest Reliability in a health care instrument

Various Validity & Reliability assessments in a sociological look at adult literacy





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