Ch 9: Resources & Examples


Multiple Regression example (SPSS: crime data)

Linear Regression summary

Regression (Wikipedia)

Video: Regression with SPSS

Logistic (Logit) Regression (advanced, using STATA)


Regression examples in health care


Now it’s time to Review all statistics


Controlling for a third variable:

Graduation rates between low income and high income students, controlling for SAT scores. New York Times Magazine

For example: students from families in the top income quartile earn a four-year degree by the age of 24 at higher rates than students from families in the lower income quartile. This is illustrated by looking at the line graph and seeing the gap between the two lines. Notice now that is true at each of the four levels of SAT scores. So you can say that, on average, low income students are less likely to earn a college degree than higher income students even when controlling for their SAT scores.




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