Ch 8: Test Yourself

3d human with a red question mark1.  For each of the following hypotheses, decide which statistic should be used:

           (a) There is no difference in average adult weights among four regions of the country (east, west, south, and north).

           (b) There is a difference in scores on a happiness scale between first-year students and seniors. 

          (c) There is no relationship between years of schooling and religion practiced.


 2.   A survey about opera musical tastes measures liking or disliking using a 10 point scale where a 10 = likes very much. Here are the findings:

 College graduates     mean = 5.7

Non college-grads     mean = 4.1                    

t value = 12.2, p < .001

 (a) Why is a t-test being used here?

 (b) Interpret what you are finding for fellow statistical experts.

 (c) What do you tell the general public you have discovered?







a) ANOVA F-test

b) t-test (independent sample)

c) ANOVA F-test



a)  comparing means between two independent categories

b)  The probability of obtaining a t value of that size is less than one in one-thousand. Therefore, you reject the null and declare that there is a statistically significant difference in means.

c) College graduates tend to like classical music more than those who did not graduate from college, although neither group is highly favorable.


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