Ch 7: Resources & Examples

Here is a fun example using Crosstabs from a report done by Public Policy Polling (PPP).

Trying to learn which news outlets are the most and least trusted, PPP found that 26% of respondents said they trusted Comedy Central! Of course, their “news” shows, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report, are actually parodies of real news shows. But let’s see how this breaks down by other variables, like age, gender, race, and how they voted in the 2012 election. (To see how these breakdown for other news outlets, like Fox, MSNBC, PBS, etc., click this link: PPP News survey).

Even if most respondents don’t look to Comedy Central as a source for news, Obama voters, Hispanics, and 30 to 45 year old respondents appear relatively more likely to trust Comedy Central than others.






Calculating a Pearson r: height & self-esteem example

Pearson r: a video explanation

Spurious & Humorous correlations

Correlation: religiosity & attitudes toward homosexuality, global data (crosstabs too)

Residuals matter: what looks like a strong correlation shows you how much variation there really is —

residuals correlation


Calculating Chi-Square

Examples of Crosstabs (marketing research items)

Lambda & Gamma statistics


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