Chapter 7

Analyzing Data: Bivariate Relationships

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Understanding bivariate statistical analysis is the focus of this chapter. Central to this is learning how to read and construct cross-tables of data and deciding which statistics to use to measure association and correlation. By the end of the chapter, you should understand how to reject or accept a hypothesis using the appropriate statistics to assess bivariate relationships. You should also be able to put together cross-tables and interpret them clearly in words.

Chapter 7 Resources & Examples

Chapter 7 Test Yourself


NOTE: error on p. 163 in the THIRD edition — this is the correct version (percentages were reversed):

For example, the thirteen respondents who are male and registered as Independents (row 3, column 2) can be read either as 24.5 percent of the men are Independents, or you can say that 41.9 percent of all Independents in your study are male.


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