Ch 4: Resources & Examples

  1. questdesignQuestionnaire Design Tips from Pew Research Center
  2. Online questionnaire tips
  3. Examples of good and poorly written questions
  4. Fundamentals of Polling (Roper)
  5. Question Wording Tips from American Association for Public Opinion  Research 
  6. Timing of online survey
  7. Online survey vs Telephone survey: differences in reported religious attendance
  8. Odd or Even Likert Scales? What to do about the middle position


Examples of Well-Written Questionnaires

Outstanding EvaluationGeneral Social Survey (GSS)

Pew Research Center: LGBT Survey

Canadian Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth

Longitudinal Study of Generation X American Youth

Problem Questionnaires

Daily Quick Polls

Mistakes in Writing Survey Questions

Wording matters: support for euthanasia depends on how it is phrased on surveys

Social Desirability: “Veiled Report” technique used with estimating LGBT population


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