Ch 10: Test Yourself

3d human with a red question mark

Describe what the problems are and how you would correct some of these common errors when using a PowerPoint presentation:

1) Slides contain lots of text detailing the results of your study.

2) You’re up to the 25 slide trying to get everything in about your study.

3) Each slide uses different fonts, colors, and templates to keep the audience engaged.


Boring presentation

1) Better to use bullet points and an outline of key concepts than to fill a slide with lots of text. And don’t just read what’s on the slide — why have them then?

2) Slides should supplement your verbal presentation, not duplicate it. Try to keep under 20 slides, and use them strategically to highlight key ideas and findings. They are ideal for presenting data, numbers, and statistics which illustrate your verbal interpretation.

3) Too many different fonts, colors, and styles can be distracting. Also, depending on the computer used to run the presentation, some may not appear as intended. Pick a few styles and fonts, and keep them consistent throughout the talk.

Here are some additional tips: Things to avoid in PowerPoint presentations


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